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Parking and Security 


Parking is FREE!

Parking is always free and available on the fairgrounds and surrounding locations. Parking locations are detailed below:

Fairgrounds (in-field):

  • First come, first served

  • In-field is all grass with dirt track

  • Attendants will direct you

  • Not considered accessible

Whitney Point TRA (school):

  • First come, first served

  • Located next to fairgrounds

  • Parking lot is completely paved

  • No attendants (please park in lines)

  • Accessible parking available

Whitney Point High School:

  • First come, first served

  • Located .02 miles from fairgrounds

  • Parking lot is completely paved

  • No attendants (please park in lines)

  • A great option to avoid traffic

Overflow parking is available on the river flat behind the TRA school. This location is utilized on crowded evenings and requires a significant walk. If you need accessible parking, it is recommended you arrive early on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. 



Security is provided by the Broome County Sheriff's department, State Police and private security

The Broome County Fair is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all fairgoers. We have a zero tolerance for violence or threats to safety. Any individual(s) who violates our safety policies will be removed from the grounds and charge to the fullest extent of the law, if applicable. 

Notice: The Broome County Fairgrounds are privately owned and the Broome County Fair reserves the right to prohibit any individual(s) from entering the grounds.


Parking: Recommend parking at TRA school 

Bathrooms: Recommend using south bathrooms 

Grandstands: dedicated locations at covered grandstands

Midway: completely paved

Barns: some locations may not be accessible

Buildings: All buildings have at least one ramped entrance

Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcomed. Pets, comfort or therapy animals are NOT permitted.

Please do not claim your pet or comfort animals are service animals. This is disrespectful to those who utilize a service animal for their livelihood. Any guests with a service animal not acting in accordance to their training, will be asked to leave.

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