Welcome to the 141st Annual
Broome County Fair
July 28 - August 2, 2015

This page is under construction as we put together another exciting summer of family entertainment.

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     Summer Vacation, hot apple pie, lemonade, and a great county fair - now, that's the recipe for a taste of Americaright here in Broome County!
     Beat the gas pump by celebrating your family's summer close to home with the Broome County Fair, featuring the Gillette Family Show. The 140th Annual Broome County Fair will begin brimming with fun on Tuesday, July 22, and simmer with excitement through Sunday, July 27, at the Whitney Point Fairgrounds, where the Gillette Shows will once again electrify the Midway with awesome amusement rides and games as they celebrate their 33rd year at the Fair!

  • General Admission:
    Adults $5.00
    Children 5-12 yrs $2.00 (Must be with an Adult)
    Children under 5 Free!
  • Price of admission includes all Grandstand Events
    EXCEPT Extra Charge of $5 (Adults, $2 Children) for Demo Derby, Rodeo, or Modified Tractor Pull on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

  • Pay-One-Price of $15 for ALL Carnival Rides on Tuesday from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, Wednesday from 11:00am to 4:00pm, and Friday from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

SEASON ADMISSION PASS $18.00 ($10.00 ages 5-12), available at Gregg's Big M at both Whitney Point and Marathon locations, NBT Bank in Whitney Point, and M&T Bank in Whitney Point, and lastly at the Fair Office over the weekend before the Fair.
Also available at the Fair Office: Exhibitors Seasons Pass for $10

  Thank you to the following entertainment:
  • Commerford Petting Zoo
  • Sawdogs Chainsaw Carving
  • Midway - Gillette Family Shows
  • 4-H
  • Miniature Horse Pull
  • Pride and Polish Parade
  • Stock Semi Truck Pull
  • Super Stock and Modified Truck and Tractor Pulls
  • Love's Decision-Maker Pulling Sleds
  • Entertainment everyday in the Entertainment Building
  • Northern Star Productions Karaoke
  • Doc Weismore and Real Country
  • Kolby Oakley Band
  • Out-of-Field Tractor Pull
  • Antique Tractor Pull
  • Full Pull Productions Truck Pulls
Tuesday: Antique Tractor Pull
Wednesday: Demolition Derby
Out-of-Field Tractor Pull / Horse Pull
Miniature Horse Pull / Bull & Bronc Riding
Semi-Truck Pull / Modified & Superstock Tractor Pull
ATV Drags / Pony Pull / Pickup Truck Pull

Summer Excitement
Builds at the Fair

         The Broome County Agricultural Society presents the 140th Broome County Fair from July 22nd to the 27th at the Whitney Point Fairgrounds. This famous rural event, which traditionally opens its gates to visitors from across New York State during the last week in July, has a rich history reaching back to 1871 in Whitney Point. Annually the Fair Board exhibits numerous attractions at the Fairgrounds, such as agricultural equipment and car shows, but the climax of the year comes when the Broome County Fair is held, bringing thrills and cheers to children of all ages. The Broome County Fairgrounds is a part of Whitney Points historical past that has been preserved for future generations. Back in 2014 are the Commerford Petting Zoo, the Pick Up Truck Pull, the Miniature Horse Pull, and the thrill of Bull and Riding with Broken T Rodeo, with the big thrills of Trick Riding, Cowgirl Barrel-Racing, and even a Kids' Rodeo!
         The 140th Broome County Fair invites all Broome County residents and visitors to celebrate a connection to the agri-culture of our region. The tradition that reminds us to bring our tools and domesticated animals together to admire their strength (the tractor pull! the pony pull!), that joins us in carnival fun (the ferris wheel! the carousel!), that fills our bellies with carnival fare (the foot-long hotdogs! the deep-fried pickles!) - this tradition in which many of us were raised and nurtured calls us to the handshakes and smiles of neighbors taking rest from work in play.
         This years Broome County Fair welcomes the young and the young at heart with thrilling rides, startling sights, and crunching sounds. While your stomach settles from seeing your world turned upsidedown on the Midway carnival rides, win a carnival prize by mastering projectiles: toss a ping pong ball in a glass bowl, throw a dart at a balloon, or shoot a BB at a moving target.
         Crunch! Ouch! Thats gotta hurt! Come to the spine-tingling, heart-pounding metal mash of maniacs behind the wheel, cruisin for a bruisin. Cars rescued from their final resting place are given a new lease on life as they become wheeled weapons, loud and full of attitude. (Please step out of the car, Sir. Your car has become a toaster.) The Fire Marshall is standing by fire and explosions are bound to result when two or three cars try to occupy the same space at the same time. Ah! the dust of disintegration!
         As evening falls, the twinkle of polished chrome in the bright sun gives way to a kaleidoscope of neon and incandescent colors, pulsing to the music and spinning with the rides. As the sky turns from twilight to night, the Fair is a beauty to behold. The throbbing engines thundering in the Grandstands build the excitement in the air, making it hard to wipe that silly grin off of your face.

Images on this page courtesy of JW Johnston

Special Kids Day
Guests who participate in our "SPECIAL KIDS DAY" are mentally and physically challenged members of our local communities. The Special Kids Day Fund is a registered state charitable organization. Read more.
Please donate to the Special Kids Fund today:

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More Concessionaires:

Troy Marchese
Northern Creations
WP Eagle Nest
Jerry Greip
Luella Schoener
   Hull Pottery
Pat Craft
Lowell House
Gregory Jones
   Education Council
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